h0i hoi h0i..!!

really had an awesome feeling now..why?i just submitted the exam paper..what?exam paper?yeah..alm0st a month..preparing the papers..start d0ing them on my first day of teaching..see..h0w lampi was me..after a million times of rejections..edit+pastethepictures+etc+etc..n0 mistakes on the questions..questions just perfect..but but but..after i'm settled and passed them to the S/U peperiksaan..BOOM! all my nightmares automatically vanished..please..please believe meyh..hehehe..n0w..i can focus on my students..for their first term exam on 3rd til 13th may (:


i am an english teacher :)

see..the "penggubal s0alan"'s that my name?for real?oh my..pr0ud of y0u muallimah ili zafirah..*winkwink*

p/s : can't wait f0r my first paycheck..w0ot wo0t..


zAp_c0baiN said...

wah...mualimah eh...mnt0p2...dh gji jgn lupe org kt cni..hehe

ili zafira said...

oh oh oh..bile i dpt gaji?hehe..tak lupa la :)